Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy can be coined as being the most innovative financial services organization, with a powerful thrust into all regions of Sri Lanka, performing to a wider audience, as clear and distinct as the beat of the drum.

A culture of innovation fuels us, from which stems our drive to be ONE, by introducing innovative product and service concepts to the market, and by being the best in our chosen fields. It is only then that we can deliver of our best to our shareholders and our customers, two of the most important stakeholder groups.

We will continue to expand our ensemble of products and services, so that our loyal customers can keep returning to LOLC for their expanding financial needs.

We believe in Sri Lanka and its people, that is why we have become the desired supplier of financial products to all local entrepreneurs based in the regions. We bring global expertise to power local enterprise.

We are committed to our people, and we are committed to their growth and development. We believe that investing in our people will bring us the best return on investments.