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Mudharabah Super Savings – an account with Bonus Profits from LOLC Al-Falaah

LOLC Al-Falaah, the Alternate Financial Services Unit of LOLC Finance PLC – Sri Lanka’s largest non-banking Financial Institution (NBFI) unveiled yet another pioneering savings product with a host of features and benefits to suit the needs of its diverse clientele. Mudharabah Super Saver account (MSS), LOLC Al-Falaah’s latest savings product addition offers an exceptional benefit of a ‘bonus profit share ratio’ up to 15% from the standard profit sharing ratio for the money saved.

Al-Falaah Mudharabah super saver account offers a ‘Super bonus profit share ratio’ to Al-Falaah’s customers based on their progressive savings discipline. The Al-Falaah Mudharabah Super Saver account comprises of six saving tiers of step-up ‘Super bonus profit share ratio’ where the customers could choose to maintain their savings balance from. This unique and rewarding savings account comes with unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits with no penalty or conditions imposed on withdrawals.

The MSS is offered with a fully integrated passbook and the option of free-registration to LOLC Real Time internet banking, international Visa Debit card, island-wise ATM coverage and access via iPay digital banking giving accountholders convenient access to savings both locally and overseas. Other benefits include, free online transfers, higher safety and security with higher returns on a monthly basis. Customers can conveniently access the MSS account through any of Al-Falaah’s dedicated centres and through LOLC Finance’s island wide 100 plus branch network.

Commenting about the LOLC Al-Falaah Mudharabah Super Saver Account, Mr. Shiraz Refai, Deputy General Manager of LOLC Al-Falaah said, “This unique savings account is designed to encourage progressive savings, thereby rewarding the habit of savings. The bonus profit share ratio is allocated based on the several tiers of the super savings account balance, where the Depositors are motivated to reach their specific amount of target-savings while enjoying a tiered higher return that will fast-track reaching their savings goal. Usually to receive higher returns for deposits, the investor has to opt for a longer fixed-term option. But for the depositor who wants the benefit of instant access to cash and does not want to lock-away investments for a longer period and also expect a higher return in the short-term, this product is aptly suitable. We strive continuously to offer value added services to our clients and trust the LOLC Al-Falaah Super Saver Account will be a rewarding savings experience’’.

LOLC Al-Falaah, with over a decade of experience in the Alternate Finance landscape of Sri Lanka, functions directly under the auspices of LOLC Finance PLC, which is Sri Lanka’s largest non-banking financial institution (NBFI). LOLC Finance which is a regulated Finance Company of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) is rated [SL] A with stable outlook by ICRA Lanka Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICRA Ltd.

LOLC Finance PLC Incorporated on the 13th of December 2001, is rated [SL] A (Stable) by ICRA Lanka Limited and is licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011. Eligible deposit liabilities are insured with the Sri Lanka Deposit Insurance Scheme implemented by the Monetary Board for compensation up to a maximum of Rs. 1,100,000 per depositor.

Shiraz Refai - Deputy General Manager LOLC Al Falaah