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LOLC bringing hope and relief

Bringing hope and relief to a duo, grandmother and grandson, battered and bruised in no uncertain means for over two decades, open tear ducts even in hardened hearts. This aged grandmother was the only salvation to the grandson orphaned at the tender age of four, being born differently-abled to boot. This staunch and strong hearted woman weathered many a storm to keep this child alive. One story which moves hearts is where she covered the child’s body with her own shriveled one, when heavy rains poured incessantly down on the dilapidated shack, roofless decayed and broken. This story which was aired over the media promptly caught the eye of LOLC, who delve deeply into human needs, to take immediate steps to alleviate this sad plight and elevate them to a place of hope, comfort and happiness.

LOLC immediately reacted to this news and visited the grandmother and grandson to offer them relief. Having witnessed first-hand, the hardships faced by both, the LOLC team realized that replacing their dilapidated house would bring them great relief and will ensure their safety. Accordingly, the Regional Manager of the Eastern & Uva Regions as well as the Manager of the Badulla Branch of LOLC Finance PLC was assigned to spearhead the project of building a new house. The newly constructed house along with the required furniture, utensils and equipment were handed over to the grandmother and grandson recently.

Speaking about the project, Montini Warnakula, Chief Operating Officer of LOLC Finance said, “This project was driven by our very own staff with much compassion and commitment. A team was immediately activated after witnessing the harsh life experienced by them. Above all, we consider this a tribute to the grandmother for her astounding courage and love towards taking care of her grandson single-handedly despite her age and her own limitations. We hope to continue to monitor and support the well-being of this family. I must say that at LOLC, our commitment to social responsibility, especially to those who are most vulnerable is driven from the very top”.

The grandmother and grandson at their new home

The newly constructed house

The key to the house being handed over by Montini Warnakula, Chief Operating Officer of LOLC Finance

The grandmother entering her new home

The grandmother and grandson with the LOLC team