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Seylan Bank PLC

Founded in 1987 in an era when banking in Sri Lanka was burgeoning, in order to service a more diverse and widespread customer profile. Seylan Bank opened its portals in Colombo Fort on the 24th of March 1988
Seylan Bank quickly transformed the prevalent conventional and regimented banking culture, into a more service-oriented customer-friendly milieu. Building on its popular service platform of, 'The Bank with a Heart', Seylan Bank's flexibility, innovation, commitment, dedication and visionary outlook soon presented it a leading position within the industry.
It is the underlying ethos of 'Beyond' that drives Seylan Bank; a bond beyond trust, care beyond service, commitment beyond transaction and convenience beyond innovation. And it is this context of thinking, acting and impacting 'beyond' the norm that sees the Bank enjoy the accolade of '25 years of Service Beyond Banking'. 
The Bank's visibility footprint via accessibility has expanded to 150 branches around the country. This is further augmented with pioneering IT initiatives that have infused technological innovations into our banking operations.
Seylan Bank remains strong and firmly grounded with one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in the Sri Lankan banking industry, emphasized with an unrelenting commitment to governance, ethics, transparency and accountability and are very committed to empowerment and inclusiveness among our stakeholders, which remains a founding tenet in our banking ethos.