LOLC Advanced Technologies (PVT) LTD

The LOLC Group is also exploring technology and innovation aligned to the country’s vision, and to infuse local value addition. LOLC’s thirst for new knowledge and scientific innovation remains insatiable. More importantly, the Group provides opportunities for local scientists to work on exciting projects and encourages a spirit of discovery and innovation not abundantly available in Sri Lanka.

LOLC Advanced Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. provides advanced technological consultation support to companies under the LOLC umbrella in the fields of precision agriculture, process improvements for cinnamon agronomy and value addition, new product development in plant nutrition and agro-chemistry. LOLC Advanced Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. was set up to explore sustainable business opportunities in the market with augmentation of Science and Technology. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LOLC Holdings PLC.

Rice Fortification Project

In the Rice Fortification project, technology developed by LOLC Advanced Technologies Research and Development team have successfully addressed each of the shortcomings that have been identified in the technologies currently in use and used it to produce Fortified Rice by LOLC Advanced Technologies. This process helps producing grain to grain uniformity of fortificants, minimizing loss on washing with no segregation as all grains are treated uniformly.

Other Projects

LOLC Advanced Technologies is conducting research into organic fertilizers to cater to the current demand. LOLC Advanced Technologies is also working on research and innovation in fields of revenue inclined spice consumer products, which are in fields of nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages.