Community & Environment


"LOLC Care" launched in 2009, is the Group’s initiative which translates its vision for sustainability spearheading and overlooking the Group’s strategic social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

A spirit of caring is fostered throughout the organisation and translated into action via the implementation of projects which are initiated at corporate and individual company level by the many entities that make up the Group.

From its inception, "LOLC Care" identified the following broad areas as priority to make an impact on society:

  1. 1. The support of child welfare by caring for orphaned children by setting up orphanages.

  2. 2. Uplifting the living standards of society by providing the basic amenities needed for living.

  3. 3. Helping the sick with the appropriate medical assistance, to relieve them of their suffering

  4. 4. Identifying and providing sustainable assistance and business guidance to those with entrepreneurial skills, including the very low income group in our society, who would otherwise have no such access, through our small, medium and micro finance business.

Child Empowerment & Welfare

In 2013 LOLC completed its first child development and empowerment project, with the construction of a two storied building comprising all amenities, for a children’s home for orphaned boys. Located in Madiwela Nugegoda, the home can house 50 children up to the age of 18 who will thereafter be provided vocational training and empowered to secure employment or start a livelihood of their own.