About us

The LOLC Group has rapidly evolved into being the largest and most diversified financial conglomerate in the country. Besides a range of financial products and services, our portfolio includes leisure, plantations, agri-inputs, renewable energy, construction, manufacturing and trading and other strategic investments.

Our footprint in Sri Lanka spans every district, from the rural hinterlands to major cities and we have enduring business partnerships with a host of financial and developmental organisations across the world. We have significantly successful financial services investments in Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria and Zambia; business operations in Maldives and Sierra Leone as well as corporate offices in Singapore, UAE and Mauritius and we continue to expand our international presence by actively seeking new opportunities in the region.

As a leading player in Sri Lanka’s SME and microfinance sectors, the LOLC Group has been a catalyst in facilitating financial inclusion. Our role in microfinance has enabled us to benefit many people and communities, whilst striving to maximise environmental benefits through green operations and processes in line with our triple bottom line focus in all we do. The Group’s business interests are in key growth areas of the economy and we are confident that LOLC will grow further both in potential and in value creation for the many stakeholders and partners that we serve.