About us

Ours is a legacy of dynamism, vision and nimbleness, attributes which have seen us harness, create and meet many opportunities in the national landscape to become one of Sri Lanka’s most successful and respected conglomerates.

The past few years have seen the rapid evolution of LOLC, from a leading financial services provider to the largest non-banking financial institution, to today become one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the country. LOLC’s portfolio is broadly categorised as Financial Services and Non-Financial Services, encompassing Leisure, Plantations, Agri Inputs, Renewable Energy, Construction, Manufacturing and Trading and other strategic investments.

The Group’s presence in Sri Lanka spans every district, across the rural hinterlands to the cosmopolitan cities. We have also reached beyond the shores and ventured into two overseas investments, setting up operations in Cambodia and Myanmar. The success of these investments, has spurred us to expand our international presence and actively pursue new opportunities in the region.

As a leading player in the SME and Microfinance sectors of the country, the LOLC Group has been a catalyst in facilitating financial inclusion. The contribution we make to the nation’s economic growth is one we hold in high esteem. Our role in microfinance has enabled us to impact beyond our own profitability, to benefit society at large and to be in sync with our triple bottom line focus in enterprise. LOLC’s businesses are in the thrust areas of the economy which currently spearhead Sri Lanka’s growth agenda. We will thus see the Group growing in its potential and expanding its value creation for all stakeholders.